Adhering to the old adage that local products are the backbone of our community, we at Kobi Butchers strive to bring you the best premium cuts of meat & poultry possible.  Our vision of “Quality without compromise” keeps us to a higher standard to bring you the best butchers’ products from farm to table.  Our products are all sourced from single farm designates and we count those farmers as part of our team.

All our products have a single common thread, the way the animals are cared for and fed.  Corn, wheat and soybean meal are the staples of the feed the animals are given each day.  This simple act of making sure your products are traced back to the feed source has been the backbone of who we are and what we are about.  Weather its quality local products or imported meats, we adhere to the same standard making every cut of meat in our portfolio consistent.

Bringing back the tradition of a good butcher shop, premium cuts and accountability is what makes Kobi Butchers your family friend.