Kobi Butchers line of Artisanal sausages uses only the most premium cuts of imported meats and local seafood.  We do not believe in adding any preservatives so that the spices and pure ingredients speak for themselves. Making sausages the old fashion way, focusing on quality and flavor is what sets us apart from many others.  Quality without compromise…our trademark line that makes us your local butcher!

Chicken sausage “Bratwurst” is one of our signature Artisanal sausages.  Made from 100% chicken and natural spices, this sausage is so light its like eating air.  Subtle flavors and how we grind our mincemeat defines this sausage as being “silky with a beautiful resistance”. Enjoy this with breakfast or a traditional sauerkraut/choucroute and good lager/ale.  Transport yourself back to that tavern on the green.

Smoked pork sausage “Bockwurst” is our second signature Artisanal sausage taking its roots in German.  The crisp snap of this sausage is perfect for any hot dog bun or alone as a snack.  The smoke on this sausage comes from Acacia wood and smoked for hours to get that balance of smell and flavor without overpowering the sausage itself.

Fresh pork sausage “Chipolata” combines texture, fat and tons of flavors. This truly Artisanal sausage was meant to be grilled to add more smoke and crispiness to the skin.  Perfect for a weekend occasion to celebrate the sun, libations and the grill.  The Chipolata boasts rough chopped premium pork, spices and cubes of backfat to add that added punch of flavor.  There’s nothing like grilling this Chipolata with friends/family while holding a cold beverage in your hand.

Our Kobi Butchers Spicy chili sausage is not for the faint of heart. Fresh premium imported cuts are used for this Artisanal sausage and local Birdseye chili is then dried and used as part of the seasoning mix.  We hold nothing back in terms of locality or flavor.  Make sure you have a good cold beverage in your hands before you bite into this crisp, flavorful, and spicy sausage.  Each bite craves another.

Chicken & Herbs sausage “Nurnberger” is a traditional sausage of German.  We have tried to bring you all the flavor and elegance of this sausage to add to any meal.  Whether it is a snack or accompanied by potatoes, this Artisanal sausage will take you to the sleepy town of Nurnberg where you will stroll the cobblestone streets and understand what it is to go back in time to when these sausages were first invented there.

Kobi Butchers “Basa Seafood Sausage” uses only 100% of fresh Mekong Delta Basa fish, farmed naturally, to instill a local tradition of sausage making.  Our spice blend for this sausage is unobtrusive to showcase the freshness of local fish and how wonderful a seafood sausage can be. If you are looking for the quintessential Vietnamese seafood sausage, look no further.  With no preservatives or any other ingredients, our Basa Seafood Sausage instills locality and how Vietnam has grown to be one of the largest quality Basa exporters in the world.